EXISTON  GROUP is an international multi company created for realization of investment, consulting , business, educational and medical projects in European countries.

In investment and consulting activity the first priority are socially and economically important projects in sphere of education, public health service and employment abroad, initiators of which are private companies from different countries. We are supplier of integrated facilities management services in Poland and other European countries. A strong group of professionals representing all areas of support services offers useful solutions for our customers aiming to reduce expenditure on this type of service. Working with professionals, we can make your company more efficient support service. Such projects make a significant contribution to the development of private companies and the strengthening of economic ties between the EU and other European countries.

EXISTON GROUP, unites the group of companies from Europe, which are one of the best in their field of activity. We specialize in consulting of the companies that want to enter European market, help to research market and to find the target audience for certain product, make educational projects that aimed to prepare students from different countries for education abroad, learning language with native speakers by electronic educational system, help to find people legal job in European union with a good salary.

The mission of our company is to connect different talented companies in order to help to develop in European Union and thus to improve people’s standards of living. Among all the services we provide one of the most perspective is  service throughout  that specializes in providing comprehensive services to commercial real estate, industrial, public and outdoor areas adjacent to them.  Based on our core values: enterprise, efficiency and excellence we offer high quality services in the field of real estate. The number of customers satisfied with the services offered by us is growing. We make every effort to become a regional leader among the companies offering a full range of services in real estate. The services implemented appropriate basic training and years of experience. We are ready to meet any challenges and provide services to individual customer expectations. Among the services offered by us have a special position like property management, Support for real estate, service infrastructure, real estate investments, marketing real estate investment and real estate training and logistics. The all range of our services and possibilities makes our company a powerful  and perspective partner for work and collaboration.


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