A graduate of the Faculty of obstetrician speciality of the medical colledge in 2005. A graduate of the Faculty of biology of the Prykarpatskyy National University in 2007. In 2009 graduated National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named PL Shupyk in genetics and from 2009 to 2014 worked as lecturer in medical university of on the department of medical genetics ( Ivano-Frankivsk), running as well active scientific work. In 2013 got certificate of business administration. She is a participant of International conferences and trainings on the topic of international business and business consulting. Since 2016 gets a master degree on clinical psychology in SWSP University in Warsaw.

Apart of scientific work Christina has 7 years of experience in business consulting in different spheres, deals with starting new projects and consulting for long term period. In 2011 Khrystyna has founded the Esteemed medical company that deals with different medical projects in Ukraine, Europe and Middle East countries. In 2014 opened a charity fund that helps to abandoned children, children with disability and families in Ukraine. Now is a co-founder of EXISTON GROUP company and works on educational project abroad, employment and business consulting of our clients.

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